Corporate Communications

Photography & Filming Policy

The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of the DRPA (collectively, the “Authority”), are dedicated to assuring the safety and security of the members of the public who use the Authority’s facilities, Authority employees, and the Authority’s facilities.

Due to the public’s interest in taking photos, the Authority will work to accommodate the legitimate needs of those who wish to take photographs or film in, on or around Authority property. This policy describes the non-commercial/personal use and commercial use requirements for photographing and filming Authority facilities, including but not limited to, bridges, trains, stations, ferry, administrative offices and employees.


Photographers and artists are welcome on the DRPA/PATCO facilities and are expected to be courteous and to use good judgment while photographing or sketching. Recent security concerns regarding all public transportation facilities required a tightening of security procedures in and around the DRPA/PATCO system. The reality of the times has not resulted in a prohibition of photography and members of the public still have the right to take pictures. However, DRPA/PATCO police and other law enforcement officers working under the guideline recommendations of the Federal and State Office of Homeland Security may question persons photographing and sketching transit systems as to their intent (commercial, artistic, hobby, etc.).

While not required, members of the public who wish to take photographs are strongly encouraged to contact DRPA’s Police Central Dispatch (856-968-3301) or alert a police officer that they will be taking pictures while on DRPA/PATCO property.

Any person observed taking pictures of an Authority safety-sensitive area, as designated by the Authority, or an area not accessible to the general public, will be directed to stop taking pictures and will be subject to additional law enforcement action as appropriate.


Any person wishing to take pictures for any type of commercial purpose or use, (e.g., movies, commercials, trade publications, etc.) must first obtain a permit from the DRPA. For procedure and request form, please click the link below.

Film and Commercial Photography Request Form & Procedure