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The Authority seeks to promote greater transparency and accountability in its dealings and communications with the public, recognizing that an informed citizenry enriches the function of government. The Authority has determined that Authority records shall be readily accessible for inspection, copying, or examination by members of the public, with certain exceptions, for the protection of the public interest.

All Authority records, including records stored electronically, shall be subject to public access unless exempt from such access as set forth herein or by Executive Order of the Governor of either Pennsylvania or New Jersey; any federal law, federal regulation, or federal order.

The Authority has a responsibility and an obligation to safeguard from public access a citizen's personal information with which it has been entrusted when disclosure thereof would violate the citizen's reasonable expectation of privacy; and nothing contained herein, shall be construed as affecting in any way the common law right of access to any record, including but not limited to criminal investigatory records of a law enforcement agency.

Open Records/Right-to-Know Policy
Open Records Request

Open Records/Right-to-know Officer

Raymond J. Santarelli
Office of General Counsel
Delaware River Port Authority
One Port Center
2 Riverside Drive
PO Box 1949
Camden, NJ 08101
(856) 968-2000


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