Project cost: $216.9 Million
Construction phase: 2020-2024
Scheduled completion: Winter 2024

Ben Franklin Bridge Suspension Span & Anchorage Rehabilitation

Project Description

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge Rehabilitation of Suspension Spans and Anchorages project consists of five separate design projects combined together into one construction project. The combination of projects improves the construction coordination among work locations and improved construction access which shortens durations, improves work processes and reduces impacts to PATCO service by allowing multiple work locations during track outages.

The majority of the work to be completed consists of repairs to various steel components on the suspended spans, maintenance painting and installing a dehumidification system for the main cables.

The work also includes repairs to reinforced concrete and steel members and painting inside the anchorages, rehabilitation of the North and South Walkways; replacing decorative lighting; and widening of the North Walkway in Camden.

The steel repairs include replacement of the critical components of the suspension system including pin and link assemblies at both the main towers and anchorages using temporary bracing and jacking. The steel repairs also include replacement of the wind lock assemblies and repairs to the lateral bracing.

Access for the work on the suspended spans will include underbridge platforms that will also provide containment for the painting operations.

Work associated with the main cable dehumidification includes constructing an enclosure inside the Philadelphia Anchorage and installing a new dehumidification system plant that will pump air, with a relative humidity of 40% or less through the main cables. The dehumidification system will preserve the suspension cables and extend their useful life.

Project Phases

  • Design: Completed
  • Part 1: Main Cable Dehumidification
  • Part 2: Walkway Preservation
  • Part 3: Maintenance Painting and Steel Repairs
  • Part 4: Decorative Lighting Upgrade
  • Part 5: North Walkway Widening



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