Upcoming Purchases & Bid Solicitations


Upcoming Purchases and Bid Solicitations



The Delaware River Port Authority (“Authority” or “DRPA”) is a bi-state corporate
instrumentality of the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The
DRPA owns and operates four major toll bridge crossings of the Delaware River: the
Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Walt Whitman Bridge, the Commodore Barry Bridge, and
the Betsy Ross Bridge. Each bridge facility includes office buildings, maintenance shops,
garages, and other buildings and structures. In addition, the DRPA owns real property in
the vicinity of the bridges. The Authority’s transit subsidiary, PATCO, operates a rapid
transit line providing public transport service between Philadelphia, PA and Southern New

Additional information about the DRPA and its operations may be obtained by reviewing
annual reports available on the DRPA’s website at, “About DRPA, Annual

The Authority hereby invites interested qualified and experienced toll system integration
firms to design, install, integrate, and maintain an advanced tolling system to submit a
Statement of Qualifications (“SOQ”) for the Design, Build, and Maintenance of Tolling
Technology for all four (4) DRPA Bridges Project (the “Project”). This public
advertisement constitutes the Authority’s formal solicitation to determine the interest of
qualified firms in the aforementioned project.

The DRPA installed its Electronic Toll Collection System in 1999 by outsourcing the
installation and maintenance to an In-lane System Integrator (the incumbent firm is
TransCore) and has made several upgrades to continue operation. Back office and
violation processing services are provided by the New Jersey Regional CSC (“NJR CSC”)
operated by Conduent which is under contract with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority
(“NJTA”), South Jersey Transportation Authority (“SJTA”), Delaware River Joint Toll
Bridge Commission (“DRJTBC”), Burlington County Bridge Commission (“BCBC”),
Cape May County Bridge Commission, Delaware River and Bay Authority (“DRBA”),
and the DRPA.

The Technical Requirements of this project include:
1. A complete replacement and maintenance of the DRPA’s Toll Collection System.
The DRPA anticipates that replacement will be implemented in the following three
(3) phases. However, the Contractor may propose alternate phases with its justification should there be significant financial, technical, or project delivery advantages.
2. Phase 1: The furnishing, installation, tuning, and testing of new multi-protocol
readers supporting current lanes.
3. Phase 2: Design, development, integration, installation, and testing of the roadside
Toll System including: Mixed Mode Lanes, E-ZPass Only Lanes, Did Not Use
Bridge (“DNUB”) Lanes, Outside Lanes, Violations Enforcement System (“VES”),
Digital Video Audit System (“DVAS”), Maintenance Online Management System
(“MOMS”) and integration with the Toll Host Server (physical or cloud server).
The design, installation, and testing of a Toll Host Server and integration with NJR
CSC. The Toll Host may be installed on DRPA premises or hosted in a public or
private cloud at the DRPA's discretion. Describe your cyber security process and
plan. The furnishing, integration, and installation of new barrier gates at ALL
DRPA locations.

Comprehensive training program to educate, train, and teach personnel in all details
of the maintenance and operation of the Mixed Mode Lanes, E-ZPass-Only Lanes,
Toll Host, and DVAS System, including all subsystems and functionality.
4. Phase 3: Maintenance of the roadside Toll System and Toll Host including all
equipment and systems installed, as well as existing toll plaza items such as lane
status indicators, canopy lane signs, and barrier gates.
Optional work under this contract may include:
1. The design, development, integration, installation, and testing of functionality to
identify transactions for vehicles on the Senior Citizen Discount List provided by
the NJR CSC and apply the appropriate toll discount.
2. The selection and integration of Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) software
into the image processing flow for all lanes and designated transactions.
3. The furnishing and integration of money bag barcode scanners at each plaza.
The Contractor shall coordinate with TransCore for the existing in-lane Toll System
and provide the necessary interfaces in accordance with the Technical
Requirements. The Contractor shall coordinate with Conduent and NJTA for the
interface for the NJR CSC. The Contractor shall also coordinate with the DRPA
and the NJR CSC (Conduent) with the integration and testing of the interface to the
Toll Host System.
The Authority intends to establish a short list of consultants to receive a Request for
Proposal (“RFP”) and to engage a consultant for this Project.
It is expected that the term of engagement for the Project will be approximately two (2)
years, which shall commence as of the date of execution of an Agreement following the
RFP process.

The SOQ shall describe, in fifteen (15) pages or less the following:
A. Firm Profile and Experience
1.) Indicate the date your firm was established.
2.) Provide general background information about the firm and a summary of
its qualifications and experience, with a special focus on the qualifications
of key personnel and any subconsultants.
3.) Provide the proposed project management team and staffing and submit
resumes of key personnel (resumes of key personnel will not count toward
the fifteen (15) page submission limit).
4.) Briefly describe similar assignments successfully completed in the last ten
(10) years by the firm and the key personnel.
5.) Briefly describe the participation of women and minorities in your firm.
Please note the number of women and minority senior staff and other
professional staff and indicate the percentage of your firm that is owned by
women and by minorities.
6.) Provide the firms current workload.
7.) Location of the office to which this Project would be assigned.
B. Information regarding any prior work on behalf of the Authority by the firm or any
individual who is listed in the SOQ.
C. Additional Submission Requirement: U.S. Government Forms SF330 (the
SF330 Forms will not count toward the fifteen (15) page submission limit).

One (1) electronic copy of the written SOQ and U.S. Government Forms SF330 must be
submitted, in PDF format, electronically via the Ariba Network no later than 2:00 pm
EST on Thursday, May 5, 2022, via Ariba.
ACCEPTED. The Ariba submission requirement is mandatory and non-waivable.

The DRPA is now utilizing the Ariba Network for all sourcing, contracts, and supplier
management. All firms must register on the Ariba Network and complete the
Authority's Supplier Registration Questionnaire. Note: this process can take up to 1 to 2 weeks.

In order to participate in this SOQ and receive an invitation to the solicitation event,
please send a request, via e-mail, to the following Contracting Officer: Karen L.
Cyphers - If a response is not received within two (2) business
days, please resend the request, and copy to on your e-mail.
In order to access the SOQ event, you must be registered on the Ariba Network and have
completed the Authority's supplier registration questionnaire. If you have not already done
so, you can register on the Ariba Network at any time. Registration is free, quick and easy.
Please go to the DRPA Procurement website: for
registration instructions and additional information. For questions about the Ariba
registration process or registration technical issues, please send an e-mail to

Firms should ensure that they can access and upload files in Ariba prior to the
submission deadline. It is the respondent’s responsibility to ensure submission of its SOQ
to the proper place at the proper time. Absent an emergency or unanticipated event that
interrupts normal Authority processes so that SOQs cannot be received via Ariba by the
exact time specified in the SOQ, the Authority will not extend the submission deadline for
an interested firm due to its technical difficulties.

The DRPA has established a Single Point of Contact for this SOQ. From the issue date of
this advertisement, the Single Point of Contact shall be the Contracting Officer whose name
and contact information appears below. Please refer all inquiries related to the to the
Contracting Officer.

Any violation of this condition (excluding any Ariba supplier registration questions,
which should be addressed by e-mailing may be cause for the
Authority to reject the offending firm. Respondents agree not to distribute any part of their
SOQ beyond the Authority’s Contract Administration Department. A Respondent that
shares information contained in its SOQ with other Authority personnel may be
disqualified and its SOQ may be rejected.

The Single Point of Contact for this Project is:
Karen L. Cyphers, Contract Administration
All SOQs will be reviewed to determine responsiveness. The Authority may reject nonresponsive SOQs without evaluation but may waive minor non-compliance.

All SOQs will be reviewed by an Evaluation Committee who will make recommendations
regarding which Respondents the Committee believes to be qualified. The evaluation team
will evaluate and rank each SOQ considering the following factors: the order of factors
should not be considered determinative of importance:
A. Understanding and Approach
B. Qualifications
C. Past Experience
D. Overall Completeness and Quality of SOQ
E. MBE/WBE Participation

This SOQ will be used by the Authority to establish a short list of consultants to
receive an RFP and to engage a consultant for this Project.

The final determination will be based on the Authority’s evaluation, in its sole
judgment, of which SOQs best meet the needs of the Authority.

This SOQ does not commit the Authority to awarding a Contract. Respondents shall
bear all costs incurred in the preparation of the SOQs and participating in the SOQ
process. The Authority reserves the right to reject any and all SOQs, the right in its sole
discretion to accept the SOQs it considers most favorable to the Authority’s interests, and
the right to waive minor irregularities. The Authority further reserves the right to reject
all SOQs and seek new SOQs when such procedure is reasonable and in the best interests
of the Authority. In addition, the Authority may at any time revoke this SOQ in its sole
discretion and without assuming any liability in connection with its issuance and/or

The Delaware River Port Authority is firmly committed to providing full and equal
business opportunities to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual
orientation, marital status, civil union and domestic partnership status, gender identity or
expression, pregnancy, breast feeding, military services, veteran status, national origin,
ancestry, age, non-job related disability, genetic information or testing results, income
level, limited English proficiency (“LEP”) or other protected group characteristic. In that
regard, the Authority will affirmatively assure that minority and female-owned business
enterprises are afforded equal opportunities to submit bids and/or proposals for
consideration for all purchases and contracts issued in connection with this Project.
Prospective proposers should understand that the participation of certified MBEs and
WBEs is a matter of great interest to the Authority.
By: Amy L. Ash
Manager, Contract Administration
Phone: 856-968-2084