Police Department

High Angle Rescue Team (HART)

To report an accident or other incident requiring immediate police assistance, DIAL 911 or:

Ben Franklin Bridge:
(856) 968-3301

Walt Whitman Bridge:
(215) 218-3701

Commodore Barry Bridge:
(856) 241-4801

Betsy Ross Bridge:
(856) 317-5901

(856) 963-7995

The High Angle Rescue Team (HART) was first established in 1994. Comprised of only DRPA police officers, the team trains exclusively in high-angle rope rescue and recovery techniques. The team responds to emergencies above or below the bridge roadway, from bridge worker rescue to persons threatening to harm themselves.

The team uses a system of ropes, harnesses, anchors, and pulleys to access and extract people from precarious situations and safely move them back to ground level. In these incidents, the team is trained to render emergency medical care before bringing the person(s) down to safety, where more advanced medical treatment awaits.

High-angle rescue operations involve terrains with slopes of 60 degrees or greater. In these scenarios, the rescue personnel require a more comprehensive set of skills. They rely entirely on ropes and other specialized hauling and hoisting equipment to access and rescue the stranded people. These characteristics place rescuers and patients at a greater risk of injury if the rope system fails. To minimize this risk, in addition to needing specialized training and certifications, rescue personnel must be in good physical condition to be qualified to perform high-angle rescues.

The Delaware River Port Authority High Angle Rescue Team comprises highly trained officers who are always ready to affect a rescue twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.