Overweight Truck Permit

Truck Permit All loads overweight (80,000 lbs. or more) require authorization. To apply for a truck permit, please click the link below. Once your application is submitted, the system will automatically approve or deny and notify DRPA Police and Toll. You will receive a confirmation email and it is recommended that the driver has the confirmation email in hand.

 Truck Permit Application
Only required if the load is OVER 80,000 lbs.

If you are oversized and 80,000lbs or less, you are required to have a police escort and no authorization or permit is required.

Police Escort:
Commodore Barry Bridge (856) 241-4801
Walt Whitman Bridge (215) 218-3701
Ben Franklin Bridge (856) 968-3301
Betsy Ross Bridge (856) 317-5901

Westbound traffic only: TOLL MUST BE PAID WITH CASH OR E-ZPASS

Questions? Call (856) 241-4850.