Driving Safety

Bridge Emergency Contact Numbers:

Walt Whitman Bridge: 215-218-3701
Ben Franklin Bridge: 856-968-3301
Betsy Ross Bridge: 856-317-5901
Commodore Barry Bridge: 856-241-4801
PATCO: 856-963-7995

Keep Moving / Safe Space

If you are involved in a minor accident or traffic incident and you or your passengers are not injured or require towing, please continue to move your vehicle to the nearest safe location out of traffic and then notify Police Dispatch (numbers listed above) of your location and out of traffic. Police will be dispatched to your location. This is for your safety and the safety of other motorists to avoid secondary incidents.

Move over Laws : Important information for your safety!

"Steer Clear" laws in NJ and PA - New laws require that drivers move over or slow down when they encounter an incident along the side of the road.

When approaching stationary (non-moving) emergency vehicles, tow trucks and other highway safety vehicles displaying red, blue and/or amber flashing lights, you must move over one lane or, if it is not safe to move over, slow down below the posted speed limit.

Visit The New Jersey Move Over Law webpage and The PA Steer Clear webpage for further info.

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