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1st State DVD Claymont DE Computer Accessories and Supplies, Office Machines, Equipment, and Accessories, and Photographic Equipment and Supplies. Portable & Stand Alone Digital Photo, Video & Data File Backup & Sharing Devices, Accessories (302) 299-6644
ABCO Printing Co. Trenton NJ Commerical Printing, Fulfillment, Direct Marketing Print Campaign, Convention Print Media, Calendars, Envelopes, Stationary, Business Cards, Catalogs, Forms, Product Inserts, Letter Head, Brochures, Investor Presentation, Financial Reports Production. Enveopes Plain or Printed, Forms Continuous - Computer Paper, Labels, Snap-out, Advertising and Promotional Items, Printing Plant Equipment and Supplies, Communications and Media Related Services, Printing and Related Services (609) 259-4900
Acme Uniforms Bristol PA Emblems, Clothing Work Uniforms, Rags, Shop Towels, and Wiping Cloths, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services. (215) 785-3565 ext. 18
Adelphia Steel Equipment Co. Philadelphia PA Furniture: Office, Key Products: Modular Furniture, Lateral Files, Vertical Files, Desks, Bookcases, Storage Cabinets, Conference/Computer Tables, Customized Counters, Special Purpose Files, Jumbo (Accepts X-rays, 11x17 Plan Sets), 5x8 Card File, 6x9 Card Files, Check Files, Finger Print, Microfiches, Microfilm Tab Card Files (800) 865-8211
Bergen Industrial Supply Company, Inc. Elmwood Park NJ Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing Machinery, Brushes- Not Paint, Clothing Work Uniform, Fasteners-Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Studs, First Ais and Safety Equipment and Supplies, Hand Tools (Powered and Non-Powered), Accessories, Lock and Locksmith Services, Hose, Accessories, and Supplies: Industrial, Janitorial Supplies, General Line, Miscellaneous Products, Paint Protective Coatings, Varnish, Wallpaper, Pipe and Tubing, Pipe and Tubing Fittings, Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures, and Supplies, Salt (Sodium Chloride), Steam and Hot Water Fittings, Accessories, and Twine. Adhestive/Sealants, Clothing - Protective, Drainage - Watts, Fasteners, Fittings, Gaskets, Hand Tools, Hose/Tubing, Lubricants, Pipe/Tubing, Power Tools, Pumps, Regulators, Safety, Shelving, Sight Flow Indicator, Steam Specialties, Valves (201) 796-2600
Capital Steel Service, LLC Trenton NJ Steel & Aluminum Fabrication Welding and Distribution, Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum Galvanized Painted Plate, Sheet, Angles, Channel, Beams, Rounds, Squares. Shape Cutting, drilling, saw cutting, forming, welding. Metals: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Pipe and Tubing, Heavy Construction Services, Steel & Aluminum Warehouse, Steel & Aluminum Fabricator, Fabricated Metal Parts. (609) 882-6983 extenion 108
Charles Sacchetti LLC Cinnaminson NJ Mainteance Chemicals, General Line Janitorial Supplies, Art Equipment and Supplies, Expoxy Based Formulations and Adhesivers, Coatings, Floor Mainteance Machines, Parts, and Accessories, Broom, Brush, and Mop Munufacturing Machinery, Commercial Chemical and Solvents, Cleaning Compositions, Detergents, and Solvents, Fuel, Oil, Grease and Lubricants, Rags, Shop Towels, and Wiping Cloths, Consulting Services (856) 303-1185
Colonial Hardware Corporation Springfield NJ Abrasives; Automotive Shop Equipment and Supplies; Bags, Bagging, Ties, and Erosion Control Equipment; Brushes-Not Paint; Coolers, Drinking Water (Water Fountains); Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies; First Aid and Safety Equipment and Suppies; Hand Tools (Powered and Non-Powered), Accessories; Hardware and Related items; Locks and Locksmith Services; Janitorial Supplies, General Line; Machinery and Hardware, industrial; Material Handling and Storage Equipment and Allied; Paint, Protective Coatings, Varnish, Wallpaper; Painting Equipment and Accessories; Power Generation Equipment, Accessories; Tape (not Data Processing, Measuring, Optical); Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Construction and Railroads; Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair-Power 973.376.3111
Eclipse Energy Solutions Hockessin DE Electric Enery Conservation & Best Pricing. We are consultants who help businesses find the best solution in the energy conservation area based on FERC approved Demand Response Programs; best pricing for purchasing electric energy (deregulatied states; i.e. New Jersey & Delaware); and unique products for electrical energy conservation with HVAC & Power Optimizing Products. Lastly we have a solar energy product. Electric Energy Demand Response Programs*; Electric Energy Provider (through an associate company)**; Electric Energy Conservation Products; Solar Energy *We are independent agents for NAPP ** we are independent agents for global energy (302) 234-6550
FAS Solutions Sussex NJ Paints, Varnish and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers - Authorized distributors of POR-15 Rust Preventive and Specialty Coatings, Plastics, Materials and Basic Forms Wholesalers -Authorized distributor of RhinoMat Portable Flooring and Roadways by EMS II LLC, Other Chemical and Allies Products Merchant Wholesales, Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers, PPainting and Wall Covering Contractors - Trained and certified applicators of POR-15 Rust Preventive and Specialty Coatings, Other Services to Buildings or Dwellings, Other Building Finishing Contractors, All other Specialty Trade Contractors (973) 901-7255
Fiber Optic Power, LLC Sicklerville NJ Fiber Optic, Data, Audio-Video, Electrical Low Voltage, Radio Communication, Telephone, and Radio Communication and Telecommunication Testing, Sound Systems, Components, and Accessories: Group, Television Equipment and Accessories, Voice Response Systems, Construction Services, Trade(New Construction), Communications and Media Related Services, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair - Radio, Security, Fire, Safety and Emergency Services, Phone Systems, Data Installation, Audio-Video Surround System, Security Camera (856) 582-3471
Green Planet Products, LLC Medford NJ Janitorial Supplies, General Line; Air Interceptor is an environmentally friendly solutions to irritating odors and fumes, a unique odor neutralizer and vapor absorber. It has a proven record of effectively eliminating offensive odors, to encapsulate and neutralize formaldehyde, hydrgoen sulfide & other odor causing compounds. (856) 797-6932
JD Bravo Company, Inc. Malvern PA Construction Management (Agency), Construction Management (At-Risk), General Construction (Bonded & Insured), Rail Maintenance & Repair, Supplier of Railroad Ties/Treated Lumber Products, Lumber and Related Building Products (Treated), Roofing, New Building Construction Services, General Construction Services, Heavy Construction Services, Construction Services, Trade (New Construction), Consulting Services - Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Construction, and Railroad (Rail), Rail and Accessories - Railroad Ties/Treated Timber/Lumber, Finish Carpentry Contractors. (484) 320-7600
Kinetix Media PA Fire Alarm Maintenance Services, Smoke Detector Cleaning and Sensitivity Testing, Fire Suppression System Maintenance Services, Fire Pump Flow Testing and Maintenance, Backflow Preventer Testing and Inspection, Fire Hydrant Testing and Inspection, Standpipe Testing and Inspection, Special Hazards System Maintenance Services, Portable Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Services, Kitchen Hood System Maintenance Services, Fire and Smoke Damper Maintenance Services, Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Inspection & Testing, Central Station Alarm Monitoring Services (610) 627-1600
Main Line Engineering (MLEA, Inc.) Exton PA Air Compressors and Accessories; Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating, Buildings and Structures; Computer Software and Microcomputer; Computer software for Mini and MainFrame Computers, Controlling, Indicating Maesuring, Monitoring; Electrical Cables and Wires, Electrical Equipment,Electronic Components, Replacement Parts, Energy Collecting Equipment and Supplies,Fire Protection; Gases Industrial; Hardware and Related Items, Machinery and Hardware, Industrial; Pipe and Tubing,Pipe and tubing Fittings, Power generation Equipment, Accessories; and Power Transmissions Equipment, Electrical, Refrigeration Equipment and Accessories, Steam and Hot Water Fittings, Tanks; Water and Waste Water; treating Chemicals; Architectural and Engineering Services Consulting Services; Management Services; Miscellaneous Professional Services; 610-594-9310-x-213
Meridian Property Services, Inc. Hamilton NJ Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services, Management Services, Public Works and Related Services, Solar (Photovoltaic System Installation) (609) 920-8800
MGP Enterprises Manahawkin NJ Provides Print Solutions Corporate Stationary, Investor Presentations, Forms, Envelopes, and any Employee Communications. Commerical Printing, Fulfillment, Direct Marketing Print Compaign, Convention Print Media, Calendars, Brochures, Financial Reports Productions, Mailers, Flyers, Envelopes, Stationary, Business Cards, Catalogs, Forms, Product Inserts, Letter Head. Envelopes - Plain or Printed, Forms Continuous - Computer Paper, Labels, Snap-out, Advertising and Promotional Items, Printing Plant Equipment and Supplies, Communications and Media Related Services, Printing and Related Services (856) 673-6243
MTB Industries Philadelphia PA Distributes a comprehensive line of specialty chemicals ranging from cleaners and detergents, floor coatings, stop rust, graffitti removers. (acid replacment cleaner, water-based rust conversion treatment, penetrant, lubcricant, mositure displacent, corrosion inhibitor, protectant, cleaner, aerosol dry graphite lubricant, Ora-cream hand cleaner, lightweight biodegradable industrial oil absorbant for all hydrocarbons, that green stuff nonacid cream cleanser and polish, upgrade clear urethane coating, zinc rich aerosol spray for all metals, siliconized stainless steel coating, ready-to-use colling coil cleaner, aerosol foaming cooling coil cleaner, cleaner and deodorizer, biodegradable heavy duty multipurpose cleaner and degreaser, heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser, remove graffiti, grease, asphalt, tar and other stubborn soils, aerosol, concertraded, silicone lubricant & release agent.) (215) 207-9004
Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. Cherry Hill NJ PSTS, Inc. provides all types of safety-related training, Security training and consulting services. The firm conducts safety training for construction, environmental, transportation, shipbuilding, marine, commercial, industrial, chemical, petro-chemical, fossil fuel, electrical power, nuclear power generating firms and State & Federal Governmental Agencies. They conduct site safety audits & inspections, and serve as expert witnesses for attorneys that deal with work-related injuries. PSTS, Inc. also conducts training at their clients' facilities. (800) 758-4440 or (856) 427-9500
TekSavers Inc Austin TX Anything in the IT networking and Telecommunications Industry. This includes Routers, Switches, Servers, Hard Drives, Memory, P.C's, Laptops, Monitors, (All Hardware (Phone) CISCO Specialized). Our Brochure will show the savings going with recertified products, but we also handle new product as well. Manufactureres Used: Cisco, IBM, Dell, HP, Sun, Juniper, Brocade, Super Micro, Extreme & More; Computer Hardware and Peripherals for; Computer Hardware and Peripherals for Mini and; Computer Accessories and Supplies; Hardware and Related Items (Network); (512) 491-5304 ext 1103
The Home Office, Inc. New Castle DE Furniture: Office, Office Supplies: (all carbon paper and ribbons)Office Supplies: (erasers, inks, leads, pens, etc.) (302) 655-3095
Top Safety Products Company Branchburg NJ Automotive Accessories for Automobiles, Buses; First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies; Emergency Kits for Vehicles Including First Aid Kit, Tools, Etc; C.P.R. Equipment and Supplies; First Aid Blankets, Stretchers, Etc.; First Aid Cabinets, Kits, and Refills; First Aid and Safety Teaching Equipment and Supplies: Charts, Manuals, Posters, Safety Placards, Safety Training Videos, Etc; Personal Distress Warning Devices; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), (Bloodborne Pathogen Protection), Not Listed Elsewhere; Scissors, First Aid and Paramedic (908) 707-8680 x 201
Top Safety Products Company Branchburg NJ 345 - First Aid And Safety Equipment and Supplies 908-707-8680, ext.202
Transit Resources, LLC. East Stroudsburg PA Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair-Radio, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair- Electrical, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditoning and Repair- General Equipment, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditoning and Repair- Testing Equip, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair- Office Equipment, Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Construction, and Railroads, Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioing and Repair- Power, Security, Fire, Safety, and Emergency Services, and Rail Way Maintenance Equipment. Hand Soldering, Harness Fabrications, Chassis Wiring, Rack and Stack, Turnkey Enclosures/Cabinets/Systems, Rewiring/Modifications, Custom Cable Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Assembly with Hand Soldering and Full Funchtional Testing Available. (570) 424-9480
TTI Environmental, Inc. Moorestown NJ Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services, Consulting Services, Professional Engineering & Asbestos Services, Environmental and Ecological Services, Miscellaneous Professional Services, Testing and Calibration Services (Tanks), Title V Compliance, Air Permitting, Safety-Health Compliance, Tank Man Services (856) 840-8800 ext. 33
World Wide Concessions, Inc. Bellmawr NJ Badges, Emblems, Name Tags and Plates, and Jewelry, Clocks, Timers, and Watches, Clothing Work Uniform, Clothing Accessories, Flags, Flag Poles, Banners, and Accessories, Furnitire: Brief Cases and Related Items, Office Supplies: Erasers, Inks, Leads, Pens, and etc., Advertising and Promotional Items. (856) 933-9900
Z Squared Lakewood NJ General Contracting; Paving: Office Furniture: Carpeting; Floor Covering, Floor Covering Installation; Furniture - Non Office; Furniture - Office; Building Construction Services, New; Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services; Construction Services, General; Construction Services, Heavy; Construction Services, Trade (New Construction) (732) 730-8858