Government Relations & Grants Administration

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The Government Relations and Grants Administration department is a special staff organization reporting directly to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. There are two main thrusts of efforts: governmental relations and capital grant development and applications. Because the DRPA’s interests have grown with the Authority’s corresponding growth as a regional transportation entity, the government relations function has a broader scope of responsibilities. The DRPA has historically maintained a working relationship with federal and state legislatures regarding such issues as port security, transit issues and general transportation.

Additionally, Grants Administration is the other main interest of the Government Relations department. Traditionally, the focus of this function has been on transportation related federal funding procurement. Since 9/11, the range of federal grants has increased dramatically due to the introduction of federal homeland security grants. This is an area in which government relations sees an opportunity to increase staffing to research, develop, apply for, and capture federal funding for security projects at the DRPA and PATCO. This funding requires a combined effort from the government relations function and the capital grants functions in order to maximize security and capital funding.