How do I apply for a position at the DRPA?

For employment opportunities, please click here.

How do I enroll in the DRPA Senior Citizen Bridge Discount Program?

For program information, please click here.

How can my company be notified of upcoming bids or projects?

For Engineering contracts and Purchasing bids & annual contracts, please check our website periodically under “Bids & Contracts.” We do not maintain bidders list for Engineering contracts. However, we do keep a vendors list for Purchasing. To be listed on our Purchasing bidders list, please go to http://www.drpa.org/obdeo/index.html to download the DRPA/PATCO Vendor Profile Form. Submit the completed form to us, and you will be added to our database.

I am doing a school project on bridges or PATCO, how can I get materials for research?

DRPA's website has extensive information on our bridges and PATCO, including history timelines and our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please contact Mike Williams, Corporate Communications at (856) 968-2221.

Where can I find information on lane closures?

Scheduled bridge maintenance and construction projects that may result in lane closures or ramp closures are updated at least once a week on our homepage under “Construction Update.”

How do I get an accident report?

Please download the Police Report Request Form. Submit the completed form with proper payment to the address listed on the form.

I'm looking for information on shipping cargo up or down the Delaware River to the ports of Philadelphia and South Jersey. Who do I call?

The Delaware River Port Authority does not oversee shipping of cargo along the Delaware River. For those matters, we suggest you call either the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (215-426-2600), which oversees marine terminals on the Pennsylvania side of the river, or the South Jersey Port Corporation (856-541-8500), which oversees marine terminals on the New Jersey side of the river.

How do I get a Truck Permit or find out about wide load restrictions?

Please call our permit office at (856) 241-4850.


How can I apply for E-ZPass?

Visit www.ezpassnj.com for information on E-ZPass and how to apply. Or call the Service Center at 888-AUTOTOL (888) 288-6865.

I called the number on my E-ZPass but it's disconnected. How do I reach E-ZPass now?

If you have an E-ZPass issued by DRPA from before July 2004, then the phone number printed on your E-ZPass is no longer in service. In July 2004, DRPA joined the New Jersey E-ZPass group. Customers should now call 888-AUTOTOL or 1-888-288-6865 or visit www.ezpassnj.com.

What happens if I go through an E-ZPass lane by mistake?

You do not need to call DRPA if you go through an E-ZPass lane by mistake at one of DRPA's four bridges. The system is automated and cannot be interrupted. Cameras in the toll lanes automatically take pictures of vehicles that pass through E-ZPass lane without an E-ZPass. The vehicle's license plate is run through our database of existing E-ZPass customers. If there is a match, the correct toll will be deducted from the customer's E-ZPass account. If there is no match, the information is sent to the state's DMV to obtain the vehicle owner's name and address. The owner is then sent a Violation Notice requesting payment of toll plus an administrative fee. If this is your first time, we will waive the administrative fee if toll payment is made promptly.


For PATCO questions, please go to www.ridepatco.org.

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