Frequently Asked Questions

From March 26, 2020 to May 11, 2020, the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) suspended cash collections on the Ben Franklin Bridge, Walt Whitman Bridge, Betsy Ross Bridge, and the Commodore Barry Bridge as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. (In addition, other New Jersey E-ZPass agencies have also suspended cash collections on many of our roadways as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19). All tolls are being captured electronically. (Please see payment methods information below)

If you are an E-ZPass customer, your toll will be deducted from your account as usual. If you are not an E-ZPass customer, an invoice for the cost of the toll will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle you are driving.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Toll-By-Mail process.

What is Toll-By-Mail?
Beginning 6 a.m. March 26, 2020 until 6 a.m. May 11, 2020, as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19, toll-collectors were removed from the DRPA bridges. Non- E-ZPass Customers who travel our roadways and are unable to pay their tolls at the time will receive a Toll-By-Mail invoice, requesting payment in full for tolls not satisfied at the time of travel.

When will I receive my first invoices?
The first group of invoices for tolls incurred since 6 a.m. March 26th are scheduled to be mailed the week of May 5th.

How often will I receive invoices after the first one?
As often as once a week, depending on your travel patterns.

Does that mean I will receive a weekly invoice?
The invoices will be bundled and sent out weekly. You need to pay the total amount due on each separate invoice.

Can’t you just send me a weekly or monthly statement?
This is an extraordinary measure being taken in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The existing processes have been modified to allow cash customers to continue using the toll roads in the absence of toll collectors during this trying time. The system is not designed to generate statements for non-E-ZPass customers.

How do I pay my Toll-By-Mail Invoice?
Customers who receive a Toll-By-Mail invoice can pay online, by mail, or by telephone. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, check or money order. Do not send cash. To pay online, visit To pay by phone, call 973-368-1425.To pay by mail, send your check or money order along with the payment coupon or coupons to NJ E-ZPass, P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650.

Will there be a fee added to my toll charge if I’m not an E-ZPass customer?
If you pay all the tolls for all of the invoices you receive by the date specified on your invoice, you will not be charged a fee. You will be charged the cash toll rate — the same amount you would have been charged if you had handed cash to a toll collector or dropped the exact change into an automated coin machine.

What happens if I don’t pay by the due date?
You will receive a second notice, and it will include an administrative fee. Administrative fees may vary based upon the roadway traveled. In some cases, administrative fees may be assessed for each toll transaction.

What is the best way to pay for toll transactions?
Signing up for E-ZPass is the most convenient way to pay. You can sign up for an account by calling 888-AUTO-TOLL (888-288-6865) or by visiting

How will NJ E-ZPass know where to send my Toll-By-Mail Invoice?
Invoices will be mailed to the address of the registered vehicle owner.

But what if the address associated with my license plate number is not my current residence?
You may call NJ E-ZPass at 888- AUTO-TOLL (888-288-6865) two weeks after your travel date to provide your license plate number and they will assist you with processing payment for your toll transactions.

I was in a rental vehicle. Where will my invoice be mailed?
The invoice will be mailed to the rental agency. Customers should check with the rental agency about their policy with regards to travel on toll roads.