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RFQ - Interest Rate Hedge Agreement Counterparty to Replace UBS AG

The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) is seeking statements of qualification from interest rate hedge agreement counterparties in connection with the possible replacement or novation of certain existing swap agreements to which the DRPA is a party. Interest parties can click on the link below to download the Request for Qualifications and accompanying documents.

REVISED DRPA Swap Novation RFQ 2014 FINAL 11-4-2014
SWAP Novation RFQ change of due date notice

DRPA 1995 and 1999 Revenue Bonds Swaps
Revenue Bond Indenture with Supplemental Indentures
Ninth Supplemental Indenture
Questions and Answers to RFQ
DRPA ISDA Schedule 9-30-2014
DRPA ISDA Confirmation 2010 ABC Bonds Draft 9-30-2014
DRPA ISDA Credit Support Annex draft 9-23-2014
DRPA ISDA Confirmation 2008 Bonds Draft 9-22-2014

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