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RFP - Pollution Legal Liability Insurance Broker/Consultant Services

All proposals must be received no later than 3:00PM on July 30, 2010

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Pollution Legal Liability RFP Questions

1. Can we please have a copy of the current Pollution policy.  

Answer:  Please click here for policy.

2. If we are not able to obtain a full copy of the policy, can you please send a copy of the Schedule of Covered Locations and also clarify whether the policy is limited to the contractual requirements with Lockheed Martin for the Nipper Building,  or if it extends to cover other locations and operations. 

Answer:  See Question #1.

3.   Can we have a copy of the Nipper Building remediation contract with Lockheed Martin.  

Answer:  Not at this time. However, some background information is supplied below.

There was an Agreement dated May 23, 2001 between Lockheed Martin Corporation (LM) and the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), City of Camden Redevelopment Agency (CCRA) and Cooper’s Ferry Development Association (CFDA), all participants in the redevelopment of the former RCA Building 17 (the “Nipper Building”) as a residential apartment complex with related commercial and retail uses.  In the November 30, 1993 deed which includes this property, executed by Martin Marietta Corporation, predecessor to LM, in favor of the CCRA, there was a restriction prohibiting the use of any building for residential purposes. LM agreed to remove the restriction, provided it remained in full force and effect as to the basement and first floor, and provided that LM was protected from any claims arising out of the development for residential purposes. The DRPA agreed to indemnify and hold LM harmless from any such claims. The parties also undertook the obligation to obtain insurance coverage as set forth in Article Five of the Agreement.  At that time, there were ongoing environmental remediation activities being conducted by Dranoff Properties, Inc., and its Assignee, Victor Associates, L.P., pursuant to a Project Management Agreement. Upon the issuance of No Further Action letters relative to these activities, the DRPA undertook the sole financial responsibility to maintain the policy and conduct further required work in order to maintain NJDEP standards and requirements.

4. Do you have any underground storage tanks, and if so where are they located?

Answer:  Not relevant to this RFP for Pollution Legal Liability.

5. Will any environmental reports be made available for underwriters to access?

Answer:  Yes, upon award of the RFP for Broker/Consultant Services for the  Authority’s Pollution Legal Liability policy.

6. Is this the only Pollution Coverage that the Port has?

 Answer: No, the Authority’s other Pollution Policy is not relevant to this  RFP.

7.  Current coverage is project specific and was for a period of 10 years?
       Answer:  Yes

The RFP calls for a two year contract with annual renewals. We are assuming that the Authority will be looking for long term coverage terms as they have in the past. 
How is current broker compensated – commission paid by insurance carrier or fee? 
Answer:  Both

If it is fee, can you disclose? 
Answer: The ten year service fee is $32,755.  

8. On page 11, item number D the RFP document states "CONSULTANT acknowledges and agrees that all work produced pursuant to this Agreement is work made for hire and accordingly, all copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights are owned exclusively by the DRPA."  Please confirm that copyrighted and trade secret work product of the broker/consultant shall not be deemed a work for hire of the DRPA.

Answer:  All “work” produced in accordance with broker/consultant services to the Authority shall be considered as Authority property.  The DRPA is not seeking to own material that was copy written, trademarked or otherwise protected as intellectual property by the broker/consultant independent of the work performed for DRPA.   DRPA does intend to own the intellectual property rights for work that was prepared for DRPA.



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