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RFQ - Construction-Monitoring Services For Contract No. 34-E, PATCO Linden Interlocking Rehabilitation

Due  No Later Than 4 PM EDT on April 13, 2010

The Delaware River Port Authority (Authority) hereby invites interested professional consulting engineering firms to submit a Statement of Qualification for providing construction-monitoring services for the installation of reverse-signaling infrastructure for PATCO Linden Interlocking.

The Scope of Services the Authority requires shall include all services including but not limited to inspection of all work, construction materials and work procedures to be used at the site to ensure compliance with the contract documents and other services as may be required to furnish complete construction-monitoring services of the highest quality (i.e. reviewing shop drawings and material submittals; review of project schedules, payments, and construction-staging plans; RFI response; approval of factory and field test procedures; change order processing; determination of substantial and final completion; preparation of as-built documents; assistance with contractor claims resolutions; conducting progress meetings and taking and preparing progress-meeting minutes). The firm shall exhibit professional staff knowledgeable in providing construction-monitoring services, with particular expertise in reverse signaling in transit applications and other applicable federal, state, and local requirements.

Six (6) copies of the written Statement of Qualifications and U.S. Government Forms SF330 must be received by the Authority no later than 4 PM EDT on April 13, 2010. The Statement of Qualifications should be addressed to Mr. Michael P. Venuto, P.E., Acting Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer, Delaware River Port Authority, One Port Center, 2 Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 1949, Camden, New Jersey 08101. The mailing envelope containing the Statement of Qualifications shall be labeled “Statement of Qualifications – Construction-Monitoring Services for Contract 34-E, PATCO Linden Interlocking Rehabilitation.”  The Statement of Qualifications shall describe, in five (5) pages or less, the qualifications of the firm and the key personnel on the team and shall briefly describe similar consultation projects successfully completed in the last five (5) years by the firm and the key personnel. The Statement of Qualifications will be used by the Authority to establish a short list of consultants to receive a Request for Proposal and to engage a consultant for this project.

This project will be funded with substantial assistance from the federal Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA). As a condition of receiving this assistance, the Delaware River Port Authority has signed an assurance not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the award and performance of any DOT-assisted contract or in the administration of its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE Program). The Delaware River Port Authority has established a DBE Program that complies with the DOT's Final Rule at 40 CFR Part 26. The Delaware River Port Authority further assures that it will take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure discrimination does not take place in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts or subcontracts. Firms responding to this advertisement are hereby advised that the use of DBE firms will be carefully reviewed and evaluated in the contract award process.

This public advertisement constitutes the Delaware River Port Authority’s formal solicitation to determine the interest of qualified Professional Engineering firms in the aforementioned project.

By: Michael P. Venuto, P.E.
 Acting Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer
 Phone: 856-968-2062

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