Board Information

DRPA is self-sustaining, operating without tax support. It is administered by a 16-member Board of Commissioners, eight from each state. They are appointed by their respective governors, except the auditor-general and treasurer of Pennsylvania who are ex-officio members. All commissioners serve without compensation. All DRPA Commissioners also serve as PATCO's Board of Directors.

Meetings usually take place on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 9 am. They are open to the public. The meetings scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month are generally telephonic, and are only held, when necessary, and if  there are pending DRPA and PATCO contracts valued between $25,000 and $100,000 for consideration.

Meetings take place on the 11th floor, One Port Center, 2 Riverside Drive, Camden, NJ.

Please address correspondence to the Commissioners c/o DRPA, PO Box 1949, Camden, NJ 08101-1949. For further information, please contact the Corporate Secretary's office at (856) 968-2277.

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